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add the capability to do a disk alignment between the O.S.'s logical hard drive and the physical disk's allocation unit (cluster size).

Typically, there are 4096 bytes (4K) per Allocation unit / Cluster / block. This can be less but typically only with disks that are small than 2GB.

MBR (master boot record) is 32k or 64 sectors. This is why this number 32,768 bytes should be the offset of a Windows C: Drive. If this offset is not a multiple of 512 then it is very likely that it is “out of alignment” when it writes (or reads) a block(cluster) of data to (from) the disk, and it will take an extra I/O operation to get all the data it wants to work with.

Garry Keenen , 08.12.2010, 10:42
Idea status: under consideration


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